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Beef Livestock concentrates - Suitable for Beef cattle and sheep

Jahan Kavah Ofogh Khazar Livestock Feed Store
کنسانتره پرواری گوساله و گوسفند - Beef Livestock concentrates

• Maximum Energy Level
• Enhanced Feed Conversion and Daily Weight Gai
• Promotes Muscle Growth and Development
• Shortened Fattening Period
• Optimal Protein Content
• Essential Additives for Growth Stimulation and Feed Conversion
• Vitamin and Mineral Fortification
• Reduced Additional Costs
• Enhanced meat quality

کنسانتره گوشتی دام سبک و سنگین

Beef Livestock Concentrates | Fattening Feed

Beef concentrate is a type of livestock feed specifically designed and produced to increase the weight and fat gain of fattening livestock such as cattle, sheep, and goats. In fact, fattening concentrate for cattle and sheep is a livestock feed used to supplement the diet of fattening livestock. This product is high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and protein, which are essential for the rapid and healthy growth of livestock.

Due to the shortage of forage and its rising price due to drought, proper livestock nutrition, especially during the cold season, has become doubly important. Jahan Kavhe fattening concentrate, with its maximum energy and reasonable price, is an ideal solution to compensate for nutrient deficiencies and increase weight gain and fattening of livestock in these challenging conditions. Therefore, the use of concentrate for livestock as a supplement to livestock feed is highly recommended. Jahan Kaveh fattening concentrate is a concentrate with maximum energy designed for the highest growth of livestock.

Ingredients of Jahan Kaveh Fattening Concentrate for Light and Heavy Livestock

Beef concentrate is composed of ingredients such as barley, corn, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, wheat bran, beet molasses, baking soda; beet pulp, calcium carbonate, mineral and vitamin supplement, salt, bentonite, and toxin binder. In the feed formula for fattening livestock of Jahan Kaveh Company, high-quality ingredients such as Brazilian corn, Argentine soybean, and … are used to achieve maximum potential, balance, and correct balance between protein, minerals, and vitamins.
The energy sources of beef concentrate are starch, sugar, and fat. The use of high-quality ingredients along with a correct formula increases the meat production performance of livestock. For example, starch processing determines how it is digested in the rumen. Grains such as corn provide the most starch in the diet of fattening cattle. Improper nutrition of starch, such as its type and quantity, can have the most negative impact on rumen function. The use of high-quality ingredients along with precise formulation leads to improved cow performance during lactation.
Jahan Kaveh Company also uses beet molasses and beet pulp in the formulation of its fattening concentrate feed for light and heavy livestock to increase the amount of glucose in the diet. This is because sugars are readily available to rumen microorganisms.
In addition, to provide minerals and vitamins, mineral and vitamin supplements are used in accordance with the latest references. In addition, the necessary measures have been taken to eliminate fungal toxins by adding a toxin binder.
As mentioned, quality is a top priority for Jahan Kaveh Daneh Company. In this regard, all raw materials entering the Jahan Kaveh Ofogh Kharzar factory are inspected by the quality control unit before use. After initial approval by the quality control unit, the necessary sampling is carried out to send samples to the quality control laboratory in special sterilized sampling containers. If the raw materials are of the highest quality, they enter the production cycle.

Why Jahan Kaveh livestock and poultry feed?

Jahan Kavah Daneh, driven by a commitment to health and quality, provides you with the finest livestock and poultry feed. Our mission is to empower producers in this field to achieve success by enabling them to produce more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable products. This translates into collaborating with you, finding solutions to your challenges, and earning your trust. Our motto: “Healthy Livestock, Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Families.”

کیفیت بالا خوراک دام و طیور

High Quality

خوراک دام و طیور مقرون به صرفه


ایمن برای انسان

Safe for Human Consumption

Jahan Kaveh Fattening Concentrate: Unleash the Growth Potential of Your Beef Cow and sheep

In the realm of livestock feed production, three pillars stand paramount: high-quality ingredients, a meticulously crafted formula, and adherence to stringent manufacturing processes. Jahan Kavhe Fattening Concentrate embodies these principles, meticulously formulated under the guidance of industry experts to deliver exceptional results for your livestock.

Unleash Accelerated Weight Gain: Experience the power of rapid weight gain with Jahan Kaveh Fattening Concentrate. Its nutrient-rich formulation is designed to propel your livestock towards their ideal weight in record time, fostering remarkable growth that will astound you.

Enhance Fat Deposition and Maximize Meat Quality: Elevate the value of your livestock with Jahan Kaveh beef Concentrate, which promotes exceptional fat deposition, significantly enhancing meat quality. Witness the transformation of your livestock into a symbol of premium value.

Achieve Unparalleled Production Efficiency: Transform your livestock operation into a profit-generating powerhouse with Jahan Kaveh Fattening Concentrate. By dramatically boosting feed-to-meat conversion rates, this remarkable product ensures exceptional production efficiency, maximizing your returns.

Experience a Dramatic Reduction in Costs: Embrace cost-efficiency like never before with Jahan Kaveh beef Concentrate. Its superior feed-to-meat conversion ratio minimizes feed consumption, translating into significantly reduced production costs.

Prioritize the Well-being of Your Livestock: Jahan Kaveh Fattening Concentrate goes beyond mere growth enhancement; it prioritizes the overall health and well-being of your livestock. Its carefully balanced formula provides essential vitamins and minerals, promoting vitality and longevity.

Ensure Optimal Digestive Health: Experience the peace of mind that comes with a healthy digestive system for your livestock. Jahan Kavhe beef Concentrate’s unique formulation effectively controls bloat and prevents digestive issues, safeguarding the digestive health of your animals.

Fortify Your Livestock’s Immune System: Empower your livestock to combat diseases with the immune-boosting power of Jahan Kaveh Fattening Concentrate. Its nutrient-rich composition strengthens the immune system, significantly reducing the risk of illnesses.

Fattening Concentrate Features: A Dual-Purpose Solution for Light and Heavy Livestock Nutrition

The production process and ingredients for fattening concentrate for light livestock (lambs and kids) and heavy livestock (fattening calf concentrate) are generally the same. The only difference is the amount consumed, which depends on the weight of the animal. This is an advantage for livestock farmers, as it eliminates the need for multiple concentrates and simplifies the work of the implementation team and workers.
Jahan Kaveh Beef Feed uses the finest products. The formula designed for the production of this concentrate puts the cow in the best physical condition. These concentrates are available in bags of approximately 35 kg, with a production date label and recommended consumption period.
Choose Jahan Kaveh Beef Concentrate and experience the power of a versatile and effective feed solution for your light and heavy livestock. Witness accelerated growth, enhanced fat deposition, improved production efficiency, reduced costs, and healthier, more resilient animals. Elevate your livestock operation to new heights of success with Jahan Kaveh beef Concentrate.


FAQ Livestock Feed

Kaveh World company holds HCCAP and GMP certificates, which are possessed by few companies. Additionally, all raw materials used in this production unit are imported and undergo inspection by the quality control unit before consumption. After initial approval by the monitoring unit, necessary sampling (in sterilized sampling containers) is carried out for sending to the quality control laboratory. If the raw materials meet the highest required quality, they enter the production cycle.

The minimum order for animal concentrates is at least 15 tons.

Jahan Kaveh Company's livestock feed is available in both pelletized and mash forms.

Visit our comprehensive Contact Us page to access detailed contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses for Dubai Office.

Purchasing Quality Beef Cattle and Sheep Feed

As aptly stated, livestock nutrition stands as the cornerstone of any successful livestock operation, accounting for a staggering 70% of total production costs. Optimizing feed utilization not only translates into reduced feed expenses but also propels overall economic efficiency.

The significance of livestock nutrition is further underscored by the sharp rise in feed prices and the scarcity of certain essential nutrients. Recognizing this critical need, Jahan Kavah has meticulously crafted a range of cost-effective solutions catering to the diverse nutritional requirements of various animal species.

Key Contributions of Jahan Kavah:

Expert Consultation: Our team of experienced animal nutritionists is readily available to consult with you, addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding your livestock’s nutritional needs and feed management practices.

Quality Ingredients and Manufacturing Processes: The company employs rigorous quality control measures throughout its production processes, ensuring that only the finest ingredients are used and that the manufacturing processes adhere to the highest standards.

Jahan Kavah's Commitment to Healthy Poultry Nutrition

Jahan Kavah is dedicated to fostering healthy and productive livestock by consistently producing high-quality, cost-effective, and nutritionally balanced rations tailored to the specific needs of various animal species. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has established it as a trusted partner for livestock producers seeking to optimize animal health, performance, and profitability.

Feed Analysis to Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies in Animal Diets


Hygiene of Materials Used in Feed Production and Consumption


Addressing Growing Consumer Concerns about Food Safety


Maintaining Productivity through Healthy Animal Husbandry and Reduced Disease


Improving Animal Performance


Bulk Beef Concentrate Purchase | Fattening Feed Prices

Jahan Kavah has consistently strived to meet the needs of the livestock and poultry industry in Iran by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. We recognize the importance of fostering strong relationships with our customers and have established various communication channels to ensure you can easily reach us.

You can contact us via email, our Dubai office, and our Iran office.

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