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With a legacy of excellence in livestock and poultry feed production, Jahan Kavah is committed to empowering your business to reach new heights. Our comprehensive range of high-quality feed products and specialized services is designed to optimize your operations, enhance productivity, and maximize profitability.

Our team of seasoned experts in the support and sales department is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service. We are here to address your inquiries, offer expert guidance on feed selection and consumption, and ensure you have the tools and knowledge to achieve your business goals.

Dubi Office: Office number 406, cherchill tower, Business bay street, Dubai, UAE.

Iran Office: No. 9, Defae Moghadas Street, Taleghani Blv, Amol, Mazandaran Province, IRAN

Postal code: 4615734889 

Tel Dubi Office : +971 4 345 1134+971 54 540 1415
Mobile Dubi Office : +971 56 446 3132 

Tel Iran Office : 98114444373544443828

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About Jahan Kavah Ofogh Khazar

With over 14 years of experience in importing animal feed ingredients, producing livestock and poultry feed, and raising broiler chickens, Jahan Kavah Afogh Khazar Company has been at the forefront of providing high-quality products at competitive prices to meet the needs of Iran’s livestock and poultry industry.

Leveraging cutting-edge knowledge, technology, and a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, Jahan Kavah Daneh Factory delivers premium products to the market. The superior quality and affordability of Jahan Kavah Ofogh Khazar’s products ensure that valued customers make a confident choice.

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کارخانه جهان کاوه دانه

Factory: Shahid Zulfaqari industrial town, Nowshahr ring road, Mazandaran Province ,IRAN

Postal code: 4651123610

آزمایشگاه کنترل و کیفیت - quality contorol unit

Quality Control Laboratory

In the livestock and poultry feed industry, quality control of raw materials is of paramount importance. This is because the quality of the raw materials directly impacts the nutritional value, safety, and overall quality of the final feed product. Therefore, a robust quality control system is essential to ensure that only high-quality raw materials are used in the feed production process.

The quality control department plays a pivotal role in this process, relying heavily on standardized analytical protocols to assess the quality of incoming raw materials. These protocols outline specific procedures and techniques for evaluating various parameters.

Broiler Chicken Farms

A broiler chicken farm is a specialized facility designed and equipped for raising broiler chickens, which are chickens bred for their meat. These farms play a crucial role in the poultry industry, producing a significant portion of the world’s chicken meat supply.

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