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Jahan Kaveh Company, with nearly two decades of experience in producing livestock and poultry feed, is one of the most reputable manufacturers of animal feed in the country. Jahan Kaveh is continuously designing and producing new products to meet the diverse needs of various livestock and poultry. The company is always striving to be alongside you, the valued producer, by employing the most modern methods in the production of animal feed, to provide the best performance and conversion rate in the field of breeding.

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Poultry Feed Types and Applications

The production of poultry feed is a highly specialized and principled undertaking. The nutritional requirements of chickens vary significantly depending on whether they are broilers, layers, or breeders. A healthy flock is paramount to producers in this industry, and proper nutrition is the cornerstone of achieving this goal.

Jahan Kavah has always prioritized the production of high-quality feed with precise formulations that deliver optimal performance. Consequently, the company’s current focus in the poultry feed production sector is on developing feed for broilers and meat chickens.

Why Jahan Kaveh livestock and poultry feed?

Jahan Kavah Daneh, driven by a commitment to health and quality, provides you with the finest livestock and poultry feed. Our mission is to empower producers in this field to achieve success by enabling them to produce more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable products. This translates into collaborating with you, finding solutions to your challenges, and earning your trust. Our motto: “Healthy Livestock, Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Families.”

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Poultry Feed

Poultry feed, also known as bird feed, encompasses the nutritional sustenance provided to domesticated birds, including chickens, ducks, geese, and other fowl. Prior to the 20th century, poultry were primarily raised on general farms, where they scavenged for food alongside other farm animals, consuming forage supplemented with household scraps.

As poultry farming industrialized and flock sizes expanded, traditional feeding methods became inadequate, transforming chicken and chick rearing into a specialized endeavor. Modern poultry nutrition is intricately linked to various factors, including the intended use of the poultry, their age, and their overall health.

To ensure poultry receive the essential nutrients required for maintenance, growth, and optimal well-being, the utilization of formulated complete poultry feed becomes indispensable. These carefully crafted feeds provide a balanced and comprehensive nutritional profile tailored to the specific needs of the birds.


Poultry Feed FAQs

While both broiler and layer chickens are commonly raised in poultry production, their nutritional requirements differ significantly, necessitating distinct feed formulations to optimize their growth and productivity. Broiler chickens are primarily raised for meat production, characterized by their rapid growth and large muscle mass. To support this accelerated growth, broiler feed is formulated with high levels of protein and energy. ]n broiler chickens, maximizing nutrient intake in a short period, depending on the breed of broiler chicken, is important. Generally, broiler chicks are ready for slaughter between 6 to 8 weeks. Paying attention to the rapid growth of the animals alongside their health is very important. The use of feed additives to increase the appetite of chicks is important. Layer hens, on the other hand, are primarily raised for egg production. Their feed is designed to provide the essential nutrients required for sustained egg laying. layer chickens have very specific requirements for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Additionally, paying attention to calcium is crucial in the nutrition of layer chickens because calcium plays a vital role in the formation of eggshells.

Broiler feed is the key to success in raising broiler chickens. It's a specially formulated blend of essential nutrients that ensures rapid growth and high-quality meat. This complete and convenient feed eliminates the need for mixing or supplementing, saving you time and effort. Made with only the finest ingredients and subject to strict quality control, broiler feed provides consistent, reliable nutrition for your birds while remaining cost-effective. By choosing broiler feed, you're investing in the optimal health, performance, and profitability of your broiler chickens.

Raising broilers to their peak weight within a short timeframe is crucial for poultry farmers. It provides a complete and balanced diet with all the essential nutrients for optimal growth and development. Plus, it's convenient and saves time and labor compared to broiler concentrate, which requires mixing and supplementation. Additionally, complete broiler feed is cost-effective and undergoes strict quality control, ensuring consistent nutrition for your poultry. While broiler concentrate might seem like a cheaper option, it has drawbacks. Improper mixing can lead to nutritional imbalances that hinder broiler growth. It's also time-consuming to prepare.

Jahan Kaveh company holds HCCAP and GMP certificates, which are possessed by few companies. Additionally, all raw materials used in this production unit are imported and undergo inspection by the quality control unit before consumption. After initial approval by the monitoring unit, necessary sampling (in sterilized sampling containers) is carried out for sending to the quality control laboratory. If the raw materials meet the highest required quality, they enter the production cycle.

A minimum order of 2 tons of broiler feed is required for all poultry farms. Broiler feed must be ordered in complete packages, which include the following: Super Starter, Starter, Grower 1, Grower 2 and Finisher.

This amount varies depending on the type of broiler chicken and the different breeding conditions. We have comprehensively addressed this issue in the article " Feed Consumption Guide ". However, in general, you can view the per capita consumption of broiler feed from Jahankaveh Company through the following link: Per Capita Broiler Feed Consumption Guide.

In our consumption guide, we have provided you with a conversion ratio guide as well. Additionally, in two separate articles, we have examined the rearing of Ras chicken and Arian chicken and provided you with the consumption data of Jahankaveh Company along with its exceptional conversion ratio.

Visit our comprehensive Contact Us page to access detailed contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses for Dubai Office.

Procuring the Finest Poultry Feed

As previously emphasized, poultry feed stands as the cornerstone of success for poultry farmers, accounting for a substantial 70% of overall expenses. Optimizing feed utilization not only translates into reduced feed costs but also bolsters economic productivity within the poultry enterprise.

Given the soaring prices of poultry feed ingredients and the scarcity of certain essential nutritional components, the significance of poultry feed has intensified. In response to these challenges, Jahan Kavah has meticulously crafted cost-effective products that cater to the comprehensive needs of poultry.

To further empower poultry farmers, Jahan Kavah’s commitment extends beyond providing high-quality feed. The company also furnishes detailed guidelines on feed administration and consumption rates tailored to the specific age of the flock.

Essential Nutrients and Additives in Livestock and Poultry Feed

The formulation of modern livestock and poultry feed necessitates meticulous attention to ingredient selection and usage quantities, tailored to the specific animal rearing practices. Experienced nutritionists conduct thorough analyses to craft balanced feed rations for various animal types, considering the intended production goals and desired end products.

Depending on the production system, animals require a diverse range of nutrients on a daily basis. Some feedstuffs, such as hay and silage, are specifically prepared for animal consumption. Others, like sugar beet pulp and soybean meal, are derived from human food processing byproducts. Additionally, grains like wheat, barley, and other cereals serve as common feedstuffs for both humans and animals.

Jahan Kavah's Commitment to Healthy Poultry Nutrition

Jahan Kavah is dedicated to fostering healthy and productive livestock by consistently producing high-quality, cost-effective, and nutritionally balanced rations tailored to the specific needs of various animal species. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has established it as a trusted partner for livestock producers seeking to optimize animal health, performance, and profitability.

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Hygiene of Materials Used in Feed Production and Consumption


Addressing Growing Consumer Concerns about Food Safety


Maintaining Productivity through Healthy Animal Husbandry and Reduced Disease


Improving Animal Performance


Jahan Kavah Afogh Khazar: Your Bridge to the World of Poultry Feed

Jahan Kavah has consistently strived to meet the needs of the livestock and poultry industry in Iran by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. We recognize the importance of fostering strong relationships with our customers and have established various communication channels to ensure you can easily reach us.

You can contact us via email, our Dubai office, and our Iran office.

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